Sustainable Design Consulting and Assessments

Green Star / ISCA / NCOS
HERS / Part J
Materials Audit
Energy Audit – Level 1,2,3

What is the purpose of ESD?

Apart from improving the quality and long term running cost of a building, local planning authorities are increasingly requiring developments to consider ESD for new projects to ensure that they remain viable in an economy which is increasingly constrained by high energy, water and transport costs and where occupants and the  community demand a high level of environmental amenity.

We understand that the Environment and Economy are co-dependent

Project developers whether public or private will always be limited by finance, space and time.

In order to achieve the best environmental outcome, ESD must be implemented with the highest possible efficiency.  ACXargyle has made its name developing methods for finding the lowest cost solutions for achieving the highest environmental benefit. Rather than accept cookbook solutions for meeting regulations, ACX uses  analytical software and “verification” methods to find the most efficient pathway to meet national building code and other statutory regulations.

What do we look at?

While greenhouse emissions and energy efficiency are the big ones these days, many development authorities also require assessment of Indoor Environmental Quality – Water Efficiency – Stormwater Management – Building Materials – Transport Access – Waste Management – Urban Ecology – Innovation – Construction Management. ACXargyle engineers can provide design advice and ratings on all of these areas and always with the clients overall capital budget in mind.