Australian CO2 Exchange (ACX) is a provider of accredited environmental offsets from both local Australian sources as well as international. Over the past few years the number and variety of credits has increased to a point where new projects are coming onto the market on an almost daily basis.

On this page are just a sample of the type of credit available. For large volume purchases we request you contact us for availability and pricing. For smaller purchases we suggest Community Climate Chest where transactions can be done online with credit card.

All credits sold by ACX are eligible for use under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

Australian Carbon Credit Unit – Compliance Grade

Issued by federal government these credits are available to any party to meet either voluntary or compliance objectives. When used voluntarily they cannot be counted for compliance purposes making them “additional” to all nationally legislated targets.

Units offered are from Cape York Savanna Burning Projects – The income goes to┬álocal indigenous groups to carry out cool season burning of savanna thus restricting high emission “hot burns” which would otherwise occur during summer.

Gold Standard Unit – Voluntary Grade

Voluntary market accreditation scheme which applies a greater level of community consultation to projects than other voluntary standards. As a result they tend to be more expensive than other voluntary standards.

Units offered are renewable energy credits from wind farms in Turkey which reduce emissions from the SW Turkish grid which would otherwise use coal fired generation.

Verified Carbon Unit – Voluntary Grade

Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is the most commonly traded international voluntary credit. The highly liquid market ensures they are also the most price competitive.

Offered units are from various wind projects in Indian regions of Tamil Nadu, Gujurat, and Madhya Pradesh improving access to power for rural populations and reducing potential greenhouse and particulate emissions from an expanded coal fired grid.